Some Things That Are Different in Poland

  1. The washing machine takes 3 hours (at least in my apt).

  2. The dishwasher takes 20 minutes (at least in my apt).

  3. The washing machine has a dryer within it. (I have not yet availed myself of its services).

  4. They don’t monetize everything. Am participating in a three day conference on Operation Reinhardt at Brama Grodzka. It’s free and there are refreshments.

  5. A very large part of the small convenience store near my apt. is devoted to alcohol. I am comparing this to the “makolet” or little grocery story across the street from us in Tel Aviv where I cannot even remember alcohol but I suppose they had it. Yesterday two drunk men (not young men) were commenting in a jeering way on my yoga mat. Mostly I understood, “her” and “yoga.”