Bridge To Poland trips: Expand your mind and open your heart

Bridge To Poland experiences are exceptional. I work with outstanding guides, scholars and intellectuals who are tops in their fields; and artists and people doing memory work who are nationally recognized in Poland for what they do. Not only are my colleagues the crème de la crème, but I have personal relationships with them, which makes for a warm and intimate atmosphere, a safe container—essential in my opinion, on a trip where we confront difficult questions and challenging material. Please watch this short video to get a sense of the mission of Bridge To Poland:

In addition to empathy, compassion and an ability to meet each participant where they are and gauge what they are able to take in, I bring my own unique perspective not only as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and prominent Holocaust scholar, but as someone who, for the past 12 years has been thinking about questions of memory and identity as they relate to Jewish Poland, and has been in dialogue with non-Jewish Poles deeply engaged in these questions.

While I take care of the intellectual and emotional sides of the trip, I do even more than that—I'm a great organizer. You can see that by testimonials of past participants. And it’s not only the bus, hotels and meals. I care about the people on my trips. I care about their dietary restrictions (Lord knows I have enough of my own!) and I provide clear materials before the trip to make sure participants are prepared and know what to expect from Poland from weather to money to tipping to language and more. I provide a detailed packet with many helpful hints including a reading and viewing list carefully curated by me with the input of top Holocaust scholars.

In a nutshell, I over-deliver. Bridge To Poland experiences have a unique depth, breadth and focus. They combine sites of martyrdom and the rich history of Jews in Poland with a taste of contemporary Jewish life in Poland without ignoring non-Jewish Polish history—how could we ignore it? Poles and Jews lived and worked together for centuries. In addition there is the possibility of transformation in seeing up close the dedication of the non-Jews working to preserve Jewish memory, particularly in Lublin. It is ironic that the place of the deepest darkness, in the ashes of the Holocaust, is also where we find the greatest hope for humanity. In this day and age it’s more important than ever that people know that healing is possible.

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Everything was very thoughtfully and sincerely done. It was incredibly impactful…really well done. It was fantastic…I learned so much. You’ve done a
great mitzvah for the Americans and the Poles.
— Michelle G., San Francisco, CA

Why Choose Us?

  • Bridge to Poland trips are in-depth and intimate.

  • The feeling on a bridge To Poland trip is one of both intellectual rigor and warmth.

  • Through her connections to top scholars, guides and people doing memory work in Poland; Leora is able to pull back the curtain for the intellectually curious traveler who wants an inside view of Jewish Poland yesterday and today.