Bridge To Poland is an organization founded by Leora Tec to delve into nuanced questions of memory, commemoration, suffering, forgiveness and identity as they relate to the history of Jews in Poland. Bridge To Poland seeks to highlight, through writing, film, workshops, presentations, research projects and unique travel experiences, in grateful partnership with Brama Grodzka-Teatr NN in Lublin, Poland, how non-Jewish Poles are commemorating Jewish life in Poland today. Thanks to a fellowship from Wellesley College, Leora spent a good chunk of 2018-2019 in Poland interviewing non-Jewish rescuers of memory with the aim of building a video archive of conversations with these amazing people. This is a joint project with Brama Grodzka-Teatr-NN. A major way that Bridge To Poland’s mission is realized is through trips to Poland, which are open to all who are curious. Many travelers on Bridge To Poland trips, bracing themselves for a pilgrimage among the ashes, are surprised to discover healing and hope. If you are looking for a trip that offers intellectual depth, the intimacy of a small group, the possibility of transformation and does not shy away from complex questions I'd love to have a conversation with you. Bridge To Poland trips are for people with open hearts and open minds from all faith traditions or no faith tradition, all genders and sexual orientations and all races.

  • The choice and order of the cities visited was absolutely perfect. The breadth, depth, and quality of the speakers was amazing. It is a tribute to Leora personally that she was able to assemble such a team.
    — Marc, Seattle, WA
  • I loved being together with an outstanding group of people sharing common experiences some of which were emotionally difficult. It was as if Leora had hand picked a compatible group with similar values and interests.
    — Barb, Minneapolis, MN
  • I have never been on such an impactful trip.
    — Anthony, Greenwich, CT
  • I grew intellectually, but I also grew spiritually, and in my power to appreciate the power of the arts to convey truths that facts, however overwhelming, sometimes fail to transmit. Leora shows the perfect combination of gentle guidance and responsive listening and leadership. Her planning of meetings, visits, and tours was flawless, and she led the group with grace, wisdom, compassion, kindness, and humor.
    — Priscilla, Oakland, CA
  • The trip with Bridge to Poland was unique in its balance between overarching themes and individual narratives…. In particular, Leora Tec’s leadership helped guide my group through the experience. I would highly recommend Bridge to Poland to people of all faith traditions as an experience that has the potential to be transformational.
    — Ryan, Brooklyn, NY
  • The Bridge to Poland trip was done as professionally as any trip we took with other travel providers such as Tauck and Viking Cruises. Leora did a masterful job in organizing and coordinating all the activities.
    — Ken, Chelmsford, MA
  • Meeting all the people that were memorializing Jewish life in Poland was a superb experience. They were so warm and welcoming and my impressions were really positive, after having heard not such great things about Poles from my mother. My opinion was really changed by this trip.
    — Myra, Boston, MA
  • The entire Bridge to Poland project is every bit as original, sensational, and inspiring as any one of its individual elements.
    — Marc, Seattle, WA
  • Bridge to Poland allows one to look history in the face directly and to see and feel the horrors of history, and, at the same time, to experience genuine reasons for joy and hope in the past, present and future of Jewish life in Poland.
    — Priscilla, Oakland, CA
  • …the Bridge to Poland program challenged me to constantly contemplate the deep and important questions at hand, a process that continues for me today.
    — Ryan, Brooklyn, NY

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