What is bridge to poland?

Bridge to Poland is an organization founded by Leora Tec to highlight the remembrance of Jewish Poland being done by non-Jews. This is done through talks, trips, presentations, performances, writing and trips to Poland.

Can Leora present at my school/place of worship/library/etc…?

Yes, she would love to! Please see the events page for topics and contact Leora through the contact form. Leora and also does a joint presentation with her friend and colleague Witek Dąbrowski, actor and Deputy Director of Brama Grodzka called, “Remembrance of Things Past: Keeping the Stories of Jewish Poland Alive.” It includes Witek’s interpretation of Isaac Bashevis Singer stories. Contact us through the contact form for details.

What is Brama Grodzka-Teatr NN? I see it in all of Leora’s posts, etc…

Brama Grodzka-Teatr NN is a cultural center and theater staffed by sixty non-Jewish Poles whose core mission is to preserve the memory of Jewish Lublin. Leora works closely with them and is a Special Projects Partner and the American Ambassador to Brama Grodzka.

Is Bridge To Poland only about Trips to poland?

Absolutely not! Leora is engaged in several projects in Poland related to preserving Jewish memory. The biggest one is a joint project with Brama Grodzka-Teatr NN whereby she is building an archive of video conversations with rescuers of Jewish memory in Poland that will be located on both the Brama Grodzka and Bridge To Poland websites. She is grateful to able to realize this work because of a Mary Elvira Stevens Traveling Fellowship from Wellesley College.

Where in Poland do Bridge to Poland trips go?

Open trips typically go to Kraków, Lublin and Warsaw and one or two small towns. (We can customize a trip for your group.) There may be a future trip to Lithuania.

What size groups can Bridge to Poland work with?

They are usually around 10. Under 20 is desirable.

Can you recommend reading and viewing materials?

Yes, we provide a list of materials tailored to your group’s or your individual interests.

My relatives came from Poland. Can I do genealogical research while we are there?

You can extend your visit on either end of your stay to do research. Bridge To Poland can introduce you to local genealogists who may be able to help you with your search.

What kind of groups do you take to Poland?

We take school groups (high school and college); synagogue groups, and family groups. Additionally we run trips that are open to all.

Do I have to be Jewish or Polish  to go on your trips?

Absolutely not! Bridge To Poland trips are open to  anyone with a thirst for knowledge, an open mind and an open heart.

What’s so great about your trips?

Leora has been engaged with Polish-Jewish dialogue since 2005. She is committed to offering a people-centered experience to trip participants. You won’t just visit sites, you’ll see the sites with the best people. You won’t merely check things off some bucket list—you’ll talk to people. Depending on the trip you will meet: scholars, memory workers, members of the clergy, artists, intellectuals, guides, and not just be talked at, but get a chance to ask and discuss difficult questions.