Where in Poland does Bridge to Poland go?

Open trips typically go to Kraków, Lublin and Warsaw and one or two small towns. (We can customize a trip for your group.) I am working on a trip to Vilnius, Sejny, Białystok and Tykocin.

What size groups can Bridge to Poland work with?

They are usually around 10. Under 20 is desirable.

Can you recommend reading and viewing materials?

Yes, we provide a list of materials tailored to your group’s or your individual interests.

My relatives came from Poland. Can I do genealogical research while we are there?

You can extend your visit on either end of your stay to do research. Bridge To Poland can introduce you to local genealogists who may be able to help you with your search.

What kind of groups do you take to Poland?

We take school groups (high school and college); synagogue groups, and family groups. Additionally we run trips that are open to all.

Do I have to be Jewish or Polish  to go on your trips?

Absolutely not! Bridge To Poland trips are open to  anyone with a thirst for knowledge, an open mind and an open heart.