Jewish Poland: Difficult Questions and Ripple Effects

A FREE WORKSHOP, sponsored by the generosity of the Lexington Council for the Arts

(The workshop is free but pre-registration is required)

One Land, Two Temples Remembrance Ceremony – Lublin, 2000

One Land, Two Temples Remembrance Ceremony – Lublin, 2000

Jews who have a family history in Poland may have complicated feelings about the Polish part of their identities. Must they reject the place that was the homeland of their ancestors for hundreds of years because it is the country where 90% of their brethren were murdered? Many Americans can easily claim their hyphenated identities: Irish-American, Italian-American. But what do Jews of Polish descent do with their Polishness? Many simply ignore it and claim only the Jewish part of themselves. 

Likewise non-Jewish Poles may feel uncomfortable about framing their role in history. Do Jews or others blame them for what the Germans did? What about what their families suffered during World War II? And what if anti-Semitism is a part of their legacy? All these are difficult questions.

In this workshop, I will create a safe space for those who wish to explore these complex and often troubling issues of identity related to Poland. Participants will have an opportunity to share with others who have similar backgrounds. We will have a chance to put our questions and ambiguities into words, which can then foster broader community discussions about identity and inclusion.


Date: Sunday March 19th
Time: 2-4pm Eastern Time

Place: Arlington, MA (Details provided when you reserve your spot)